Being the 11th Council, ICMS Alumni has established a strong network of professionals in the workforce, connected with over 800 Alumni across the globe. As the Advisory Board of the Council, ICMS Alumni provides invaluable insights, critical thinking and analysis in growing the Council strategically. The panel functions to oversee long-term initiatives that span multiple terms and assist the current Council on operational subjects in an advisory capacity. Our value drivers for ICMS is to support focus, efficient operation and impact measurement through effective engagement with the Alumni.


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The Alumni Caller Campaign is an initiative aimed to reconnect ICMS Alumni to the present Council. By building closer rapport with the Alumni community, we hope to bring ICMS to greater heights by setting up a long-term fundraising system.

By participating, you will also receive raffle tickets according to your donated amount and will stand a chance to win attractive prizes, such as a Nespresso Coffee Machine, a 3D2N stay at Hilton KL or a pair of Apple Airpods.

With this, we really hope to have your support, as we work towards our goal of fundraising RM 20,000 by 14 August 2021!

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With your contribution, you can set up an ICMS Associate in their journey towards personal and professional development.

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Why is ICMS Fundraising?


Due to the nature of the current economic climate, we hope to raise an additional revenue stream for the Council and accelerate funding for growth-based Chapters

How Will the Funds be Allocated?


The funds will be directed towards the project budget for the Singapore, North America and Australia Chapters, as these Chapters demonstrate the highest growth potential. The remaining funds will be spread equally among all other Chapter projects.

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