Working towards a common vision

Being a Council that manages a global network of aspirational Malaysians, ICMS actively seeks to grow its network of Partners, Sponsors and Affiliates. These are important long term relationships for ICMS and we strive constantly to maximise the value of the cooperation.


Malaysians of Melbourne University (MoMU)

RMIT University Malaysian Association (RUMA)


Higher Education Malaysia Association (HEYA)



Malaysian Student Association at University of Washington (MASA UW)

United Kingdom

Imperial College Union Malaysian Society (ICUMS)

London School of Economics Students’ Union Malaysia Club (LSESUMC)


City University London Malaysian Society (CULMsoc)

Oxford University Malaysia Club (OUMC)

King’s College London Malaysian Society (KCLMsoc)

Warwick Malaysian Students Association

Essex Malaysian Society (Essex MSE)

UCL Malaysian Society (UCLMsoc)

Exeter Malaysian Society (EXEM)

Malaysian Students’ Society of Manchester (MSSM)

Queen Mary Malaysian Society (QMMS)

The University of Sheffield Malaysian Society (Sheffield MASSoc)

Cambridge University Malaysia Society (CUMaS)

Kent Malaysian Society (KentMsoc)

Edinburgh Malaysian Students’ Association (EMSA)

Malaysian Students Society of Cardiff University (MSSCF)

Leeds Malaysian Society (LUU MASSoc)