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ICMS Academy

An exclusive initiative for ICMS Associates.

Early Application


A Dedicated Domain for Associates’ Areas of Interest

honing soft skills
Professional Development

From CV building to Corporate Networking Visits, Alumni Fireside Chats to Elevator Pitching workshops.

Gaining knowledge
Industry Education

From Financial Analysis, Stock Pitching, Introduction to Cryptocurrencies, or Consulting Case Frameworks.

More about ICMS Academy (IA)…

Above are some of the activities IA has organized. Numerous workshops and fireside chats to providing Associates with opportunities to explore their career paths, interests, and deepen their knowledge in specific areas.
Topics are selected based on the choices of Associates, allowing an opportunity to gain valuable insights, network and discover unexplored bodies of knowledge.

Our mission is to empower Associates with personalized initiatives, foster networking opportunities with ICMS Alumni and industry leaders, and expose them to diverse industries and evolving trends for career excellence.

Officially revamped by the 9th Council and now categorised under IAP (Internal Affairs Performances). The IA team collaborates with IAP to empower Associates through exclusive initiatives to allow Associates to stand out in the workplace and develop the right skills and professionalism.

IA is led by a Project Director and Hub Leads, dedicated to meticulously planning, organizing, and delivering workshops and masterclasses that cater to the growth and enrichment of the Associates.

ICMS Consulting Group

Included under IA, this pro-bono project empowers Associates by providing them with practical insights and hands-on experiences in the consulting field.
We aim to help Associates pave their way towards a successful career in consulting while delivering value to our clients through thorough research and impactful recommendations.