Malaysia is a melting pot of culture and bright minds, passionate souls are born contributing to the diverse background of ICMS. We value and celebrate our differences as our biggest strength and asset.

Here at ICMS, our imaginations converge and

we strive to achieve greater heights together.


Building Network

We foster meaningful relationships among the global Malaysian youth community.

Empowering Leaders

We amplify the voices that need to be listened and as a team, we can make a change.

Realising Ideas

We are passionate about driving ideas to fruition and turning great ideas into tangible reality.

We welcome and value all kinds of ideas and views.


  • Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences 18.7% 18.7%
  • Business and Finance 34.8% 34.8%
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics 46.5% 46.5%

Our educational backgrounds are different but together we can connect the dots in a greater way.

A local presence. A world of possibilities.


Even away from home, you can make meaningful connections and impact towards Malaysian youth.

Malaysia Public Institutions

Malaysia Private Institutions

Overseas Institutions

Our 11th Council is home to 156 like-minded Associates from 62 universities, committed to our shared values.

Now, let’s hear what our 11th Council Associates have to say about their journey at ICMS!

Ashman Yusuf

University of Melbourne

Chen Yun Jie

University of Macau

Hoo Kaye Tian

Queen Mary University of London

ICMS has been and continues to be a very intriguing experience for me. As part of the IAP team, there is a focus on personal development and fostering relationships. And at times, finding your ground can be confusing. However, in my experience, ICMS is not short on support by providing feedbacks and listen to everyone’s voices. Through our biweekly meetings, we have been able to utilise this opportunity to discuss concerns from all Chapters may be facing and outline the next step in our goals.

In CPS, we often work in cross Chapters and cross Divisions. Other than reviewing policy, analysing data, producing solutions to any challenges other Divisions faced, we also launch Primary Market Analysis and Project Laksamana that aim to improve the operation and ensure continual growth of ICMS. What I enjoy the most is listening to everyone presenting different ideas in a discussion where different opinions are being respected and everyone here is just brilliant and supportive. I can’t say how grateful I am to be a part of the team!

Being in the Participants’ Welfare team of Industry Insights, we act as the bridge between the committee and participants. From arranging care packages to screening participants, everyone was supportive and professional all the way. Joining the team has made my journey in ICMS more content and meaningful, as I was able to hone not only my technical skills but also my soft skills. ICMS is a place where imaginations turn into reality as everyone endeavours to make every idea work.

Joining the Nasi Lemak Movement, I have gained a plethora of insights into various topics such as promoting education equity for all Malaysian youth, targeted fundraising for high-need communities through diverse outreach strategies. We strive to reintroduce the empathetic lens into our society, encouraging everyone to understand experiences different from theirs and aid those in need regardless of socioeconomic status or life background. 

As a student passionate about Finance, ICMS certainly provided me with a platform to experience the budgeting and financial reporting processes where I wouldn’t be exposed as much from the current standpoint. Besides, as a part of the Finance Hub, we organise workshops to up-skill and enhances associates with financial literacy by exposing all of us to industry professionals. It was also interesting to work with other Directors across six Chapters to reexamine and analyse the Council’s financial position.

I am still basking in the glow of our success for MPPC 2021 because of our team’s efforts. Working with the team but we have seriously improved the sophistication of our virtual events and the quality on pretty much every level. I can still feel the energy buzzing from yesterday’s event. The team was instrumental in guiding our energy through the planning process. Each team member demonstrated tremendous skill and conducted tasks in a professional manner which I am thankful forever.

Jean Ho

DePaul University, Chicago

Ong De Wei

Nanyang Technological University

Premanand Ayavoo

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

Wonder how many areas you can venture in ICMS?

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