Who We Are

The International Council of Malaysian Scholars (ICMS) is a non-profit professional network of driven Malaysians, committed to the development of Malaysian Youths with three missions.



We aim to foster meaningful and long-lasting relationships among Malaysians globally. This international community includes students, working adults, and firms, including non-profits. We believe that the bonds created within this global network will enable the Malaysian community to catalyse each other’s growth, and achieve greater ambitions together.


Our forefront asset is our Associates. This is why we emphasise on empowering and providing our Associates with the resources for personal development. We believe that this will create a ripple effect across the Malaysian community; inspiring leaders will generate more leaders, and by empowering our Associates, they will in turn embolden those they interact with.



We focus on actualising opportunities. We have accounts of great ideas being conceptualised and implemented as a result of interactions between groups of talented and passionate individuals. ICMS, with our global network and international resources, strives to be the ideal incubator for turning enterprising ideas into impactful action.


Our extensive global network composed of committed Associates with diverse interests and backgrounds as well as our long-standing relationships with industry-leading firms in Malaysia are the competitive advantages that have led us to be the vanguard Malaysian international student organisation today.

1st Council 2011/12

The International Council of Malaysian Scholars and Associates (ICMS) was officially founded on the 28th of November 2010 at St. Hilda’s College, Oxford by a group of Malaysian students based in the United Kingdom who were driven by the idea of a global network of aspiring Malaysians. The 1st Council of ICMS painstakingly gathered inspiring and passionate Malaysians while having an unshakable conviction that the global network would be something of high significance and value to Malaysian youth. The 1st Council’s awe-inspiring endeavors resulted in impressive returns for our corporate partners and the first ever Malaysia Public Policy Competition in 2011.

2nd Council 2012/13

The immense success of ICMS along with a ceaseless belief in the idea of founding a purposeful global network of Malaysian students led to the taking over of the 2nd Council by the 1st Council’s successors in 2012. ICMS was established as a registered NGO, consequently earning the trust of potential corporate partners. ICMS also managed to outdo their predecessors and brought the success of MPPC 2012 to the attention of the Malaysian Prime Minister himself.

3rd Council 2013/14

The 3rd Council successfully initiated a rebranding movement to assist in distinguishing ourselves as a progressive network of students passionate about career, intellectual and leadership development. A significant restructuring of our membership took place, thereupon demonstrating the competence, dedication, and quality of work that our Associates bring forth. ICMS also introduced Industry Insights (I2), a second flagship event which facilitates personal interaction between participants and top executives of companies through talks, games, and projects.

4th Council 2014/15
ICMS has managed to expand our influence over to Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and the United States of America. Following the expansion, the 4th Council executed an Internal Restructuring master plan, which features the establishment of a council-wide divisional structure to promote better utilisation of human capital and facilitate dynamic productivity in individuals. Besides organising the existing flagship events such as MPPC and I2 in Malaysia as well as the Roundtable Series in the United Kingdom, the 4th Council also managed to launch the Hong Kong Case Competition (HKCC) in Hong Kong along with The Link: Beyond the Distance in Malaysia.

5th Council 2015/16

The 5th Council reinforced the presence of ICMS by reaching out to more like-minded, driven Malaysian students in the six countries represented in the Council. ICMS partnered with 11 other Malaysian student councils spread across nine countries to form the Malaysian Students’ Global Alliance (MSGA) and organised the Global Policy Symposium (GPS) to bring together and engage Malaysian students of various backgrounds and demographics in a fruitful discourse over issues of national significance. ICMS also introduced the Industry Sectors Hub (ISH) with the aim of providing a platform for the personal and career development of our Associates.

6th Council 2016/17

The 6th Council took our brand to greater heights by significantly diversifying our Associate base as well as refining the existing organisational structure in order to support our international presence. ICMS achieved greater stability through consolidating recruitment and initiatives as well as securing strong relationships with our Sponsors. The 6th Council also introduced the ICMS Academy, an umbrella initiative that covers the Industry Sectors Hub (ISH) and other skill development initiatives to engage and add value to our Associates.

7th Council 2017/18

Through consistent improvements and creativity, ICMS has successfully established a respectable reputation that spans multiple borders and continues to grow to this day. The 7th Council aimed to achieve three key goals: Refinement, Engagement, and Diversity. The 7th Council has also desired to enhance, optimise and streamline Council operations on top of encouraging unity in diversity to foster versatile leaders of the future.

8th Council 2018/19

Building on the good work of our predecessors, the 8th Council seeks to continue strengthening diversity and engagement among the Council while growing our reach and the ICMS Academy. In doing so, we look to set in motion an era of growth, laying down the foundations for greater things to come.

9th Council 2019/20

With the sprouting of new organisations all around the world, the 9th council looks to keep differentiating ourselves with our competition, focusing primarily on enhancing the value of an associateship through the restructuring of ICMS Academy, strengthening the relationship between the council and the Alumni Network Committee as well as recalibrating the MNC experience to highlight our Unique Sellling Point. Besides that, the 9th council has also worked on increasing the efficiency and symbiotic relationship within the internal working structures. The 9th council has also begun working on the Strategic Blueprint with the 10 year anniversary in mind, to set clearly the strategic direction of the council for the next 5 years.

10th Council 2020/21
The year 2020 is a remarkable year for the International Council of Malaysian Scholars & Associates (ICMS) as ICMS approaches its 10th Anniversary with the theme of ‘A World on a Brink of Change’. 2020 had been a different year impacted by the Covid-19. Despite the inability to hold physical events, ICMS had taken this opportunity within the technology in launching fully virtual Flagship Events, webinars, engagement sessions and Roundtable events with leading firms. ICMS had created  the social project known as the Nasi Lemak Movement, Podcasts, new Publications, virtual engaging news and current topics on social media alongside mentorship programs. The proud legacy of embracing the capabilities of digitalisation usage in empowering the purpose of influencing Youths is established.
11th Council 2021/22

One of the greatest impacts that ICMS continues to offer is the synergistic platform for associates to take action and fulfil their potential to achieve major milestones in empowering the Malaysian community. The 11th Council is equipped to adapt and persevere in the changing landscape to help  ‘Unravel New Horizons,’ by optimising complex challenges and capturing unique opportunities


If there is one thing that differentiates ICMS, it would be our culture. These will be the qualities that set us apart from any other organisations. At the end of the day, while we may forget the tasks we take on in ICMS, we will definitely never forget the meaningful and fulfilling journey we embarked on as a team. Let us together, build the working culture of ICMS.



We believe in being courageous in challenging norms and stepping out of the comfort zone to evolve our community of youth. On this pursuance, we embed a sense of global thinking which fosters a willingness to embrace the new.



Professionalism portrays reliability, competence, and positive demeanour. While ICMS curates a professional image, we design our work culture around people as we believe professionalism comes hand in hand with humanisation. 



We derive our strength from a team that is diversified racially, ethnically, and also different in backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. Everyone is valued, respected, and empowered to achieve. ICMS cultivates an open and inclusive space for our Associates to embrace their differences and unite as one entity. 

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