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ICMS’ Publications Portfolio includes a number of in-house publications including the annual Prospectus, Annual Reports, and ICMS Newsletter: ‘Apa Khabar ICMS?’. These serve to update our stakeholders including Associates, Partners & Sponsors, the Alumni Network, Affiliates, subscribers, and the general public on events and initiatives we carry out.

ICMS Podcast

ICMS Podcast features different speakers across from different industries and backgrounds. 

Hearing YOUth Podcast

Hearing YOUth is a monthly podcast series aiming to empower the youth community in both personal and professional development. It serves as a go-to platform for you to deepen your understanding on intriguing topics which will surely be beneficial for your future career as well as your personal growth.

Episode 5: Entrepreneurship At Its tastiest with PichaEast

Kim Lim is the CEO and co-founder of PichaEats, a sustainable food business rebuilding lives of refugees in Malaysia. In this latest, juicy podcast episode, Kim talks to us about the background of PichaEats, how it all started, and her experiences along with important takeaways from building her sustainable social enterprise.

What’s The Teh?: Unconventional Hustles

Brought to you by ICMS North America, the What’s The Teh? podcast that aims to shed light on social stereotypes and stigmas that are prevalent amongst today’s Malaysian youth. With the theme ‘Unconventional Hustles’, we aim to expose Malaysian youth to various career choices and highlight the importance of exploring non-mainstream jobs.

Episode 2: Breaking Stereotypes

Malaysia’s first winter Olympian for figure skating, Julian Yee, shares his journey to the Olympics against all odds, his life as an undergraduate student in Canada and how he started his business, the Julian Yee Skating Academy. Unravel the secrets of what keeps him motivated as an athlete and what he does to find balance in his hectic schedule.

ICMS Prospectus

Taking point among our publications, the ICMS Prospectus is the culmination of the entire Secretarial Division’s labour as it serves to provide external stakeholders with a good overview of ICMS and what it has to offer.

Past Publications and Resources

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