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Discussion over the efficiency of healthcare systems in 3 different countries: Malaysia, UK and USA in terms of handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Comparing Healthcare Systems

By Earlnie Wong and Liu Pei Xian, Full Article Here

“Our Planet. Theirs Too.”

of this impoverished era

that will disintegrate…”


“Life in plastic, it’s fantastic~”

Mother Earth

By Trinity Chin Jean Vern, Stella Anne Teoh, Ngoi Hui Chien, Full Article Here

“By taking time to nurture and practice your strengths more, you can excel at it. You can reach your potential and achieve great growth by developing the skills that you are already good at.”

How Replaceable Are You

By Tan Foong Jing & Wong Ying Jie, Full Article Here

“Here in ICMS, we expose our Associates to all these key competencies through real-life project initiatives and interaction with Partners & Sponsors. All in all, embrace the inner force that pushes you towards self-improvement and seize the opportunity to grow and to make progress daily. To begin with, do drop your application and be part of the great team.”

The Critical 21st Century Skills Every Students Needs and Why

By Esther Tan, Full Article Here

“It is all about you and only you. Self-care is all about loving yourself in a way that no one ever could.”


By Lee Yue, Full Article Here

“To cope with the potential financial distress, one is advised to start saving your emergency funds for at least six months and to upskill and reskill as the current circumstances may transpire to the New Normal soon.”

Are You Financially Sane?

By Wong Kar Ling, Full Article Here

“Embrace the digital revolution and go cashless now to enjoy the numerous advantages!”

E-wallet: Moving Towards Cashless Society

By Ng Cheng Yuan, Full Article Here


“We need to recognise that skilled and qualified talents are not merely a one-time formation, but a lifelong changing force empowered with the right opportunities and the right weapons to fulfil their potential.”

Learning Trends in 2020 and How To Keep Up

By Sharmaine Lee, Full Article Here