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Mother Earth

Introduction Environmental issues remain a perpetual subject in today’s century news. NGOs, corporate businesses, schools, governments, and every other entity have highlighted great attention to the topic of the well-being of the environment, albeit any commitment to...

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How Replaceable Are You

In today’s modern society, we hear many instances of modern-day problems such as technology replacing the low-skilled workforce or the oversupply of graduates causing a spike in global unemployment rates. Arguably, it is definite that certain jobs will be replaced by...

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E-wallet: Moving Towards Cashless Society

The recent announcement of Budget 2020 themed “Shared Prosperity: Sustainable and Inclusive Growth towards High Income Economy” by our Finance Minister, Lim Guan Eng, has been the hot topic of the town. Our Government has expressed concern towards the low adoption of...

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Learning Trends in 2020 and How To Keep Up

We have progressed far from the page-by-page flipping of wordy textbooks, as a plethora of online information, learning materials and resources emerge literally, before our very own eyes. Approaching 2020, 35% of jobs are said to change in form of their nature, skill...

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