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3rd Cohort Recruitment Period: 1st – 8th June 2023

Join the Programme

Why Join?

Forge valuable connections, gain insider insights, and open doors to exciting career prospects with ICMS’ 13th Council, our esteemed Partners, Sponsors, Alumni, and industry leaders.

What is the CA Programme?

ICMS’ Campus Ambassadorship (CA) Programme allows our Ambassadors to gain opportunities to join our flagships event committee team, network with industry professionals, enhance personal skills through upskilling sessions, and become an ambassador representing ICMS.

What Can I Expect?

Networking sessions and curated upskilling workshops to hone transferable skills on areas such as resume writing, leadership, professionalism and more.

Programme Timeline

What Will You Gain

Step out of your academic routine and embark on a fun and rewarding journey with us!

Fast Track Recruitment

to the 14th Council

A great opportunity to gain more insights to ICMS and how we operate.

Front Row Seats

or work alongside the committee team during flagship events and initiatives

Join us and find your passion or direction during our networking sessions.

Receive Training and Have Engagements

throughout the programme

You will be guided through every step and have the opportunity to go through curated upskilling workshops

Obtain a Certificate

of acknowledgement for future professional application use

The certificate will be given after the completion of the programme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your most frequently asked questions and find the information you need to know about CA Programme.

We prioritize students in their Pre-U, 1st year, and 2nd year of studies in public universities, TVET institutions, and community colleges. If you are from a private institution, you are eligible to apply only if you are currently doing your Pre-U programme.

Unfortunately no. For Cohort 3, it will only be open for Malaysian students studying locally. However, do stay tune next year for Cohort 4’s updates!

We are actively seeking individuals interested in ambassador work and interested to join ICMS, focusing on your passion and motivation rather than your background or experience. We value your willingness to learn and grow alongside us. Successful interview candidates will be accepted into the team.

Campus Ambassadors will be promoting both Malaysian Chapter and Council-wide initiatives. For instance, our flagships events like Industry Insights (I2), Malaysian Public Policy Competition (MPPC), Embark and the 14th Council Junior Associates recruitment.
This will require our Ambassadors to have fair knowledge and enthusiasm towards ICMS core values and activities.

Ambassadors will work closely with the current Council and respective college or university Student Representative Council (SRC), career and counselling buddies or any other external student organisations. 

Ambassadors will leverage on any social media platforms to promote and share ICMS’ initiatives across their community.

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