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ICMS focuses on self-actualisation opportunities. We have accounts of great ideas being conceptualised and then implemented as a result of interactions within groups of talented and passionate individuals. ICMS, made up of our global network and international resources, strives to be the ideal incubator for turning enterprising ideas into impactful actions.

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ICMS Chapter Events are initiatives based in and executed by the 5 Chapters ICMS operates in. Each event is unique to the Chapter’s specific demands and leverages its network of connections, Partners, Sponsors, and Affiliates. Access to a Chapter Event is by no means limited to a Chapter – all ICMS Associates and the general public are welcomed to engage with ICMS events across Chapters and gain a truly international experience.


While ICMS already had Malaysian network members since 2012, the Malaysian Chapter and National Executive Committee was officially established in 2014, when ICMS expanded its influence to Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and United States of America. The Malaysian Chapter continues to be a fundamental base of operations for ICMS, its Partners & Sponsors, and hosts our summer flagship events alongside other exciting ventures throughout the year.
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United Kingdom

The International Council of Malaysian Scholars and Associates (ICMS) and the UK Chapter was officially founded on the 28th of November 2010 at St. Hilda’s College, Oxford by a group of Malaysian students based in the United Kingdom who were driven by the idea of a global network of aspiring Malaysians. The 1st Council of ICMS painstakingly gathered inspiring and passionate Malaysians while having an unshakable conviction that the global network would be something of high significance and value to Malaysian youth.
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North America

ICMS saw the presence of North American network members even from its second year of operations. ICMS’ 4th Council proudly established National Executive Committees in Canada and the United States of America. The 6th Council of ICMS then consolidated both national committees into a single North American Chapter, and the Chapter is now starting to define its unique position in the United States and Canada via its own iterations of flagship events and virtual initiatives.
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Hong Kong

ICMS Hong Kong is the bridge that connects Malaysian students and our Associates with multinational firms in Asia’s center of finance. Under the leadership of the 4th Council, ICMS successfully launched in Hong Kong as well as in Singapore, North America and Malaysia. Even though the Hong Kong chapter started off with only 5 official Associates, this chapter portrayed the real definition of “Empowering Leaders” in its expansion efforts. Today, the 8th Council sees 25 Junior Associates ready to inherit the legacy of their predecessors.
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In 2014, the Singaporean Chapter was introduced by the 4th Council of ICMS. They launched the Chapter’s flagship event – Crisis & Communication, the following year and have since reinforced the presence of ICMS in the dynamic island nation.
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The ICMS Flagship Events show our commitment to our motto of Building Networks, Empowering Leaders, and Realising Ideas. Annually, they bring aspirational Malaysians from all across the country to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to enable actionable impact – collectively building a greater Malaysia via the empowerment of her youth.

Malaysian Public Policy Competition

The Malaysian Public Policy Competition (MPPC) is an annual case-based competition that engages Malaysian students in a comprehensive public policy-making process. This competition is a unique opportunity for participants to understand the importance of conception and implementation of public policies, as well as to tackle common dilemmas in striking the right balance between populist policies and realistic policies. The MPPC gives participants the opportunity to not only engage with renowned experts from the government, private sector and academia but also interact with highly qualified peers who share similarly high levels of passion and curiosity with regards to public policy making. During the residential challenge, participants identify pressing national issues, according to a selected theme, and devise policies to address them. Over the years, MPPC has succeeded in giving Malaysian undergraduates a chance at public policy-making within the real world context.

Industry Insights

Industry Insights (I²) aims to bring key personnel from reputable companies of various industries to provide ambitious and career-motivated students, from institutions both local and abroad, an insight into the various industries in Malaysia. Since 2013, ICMS has successfully carried out Industry Insights as an annual flagship event; with milestones being achieved annually while adapting to include the latest challenges of our era. I² does not only aspire to give students an opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience beyond their own fields of study, but is also a platform for students to showcase critical thinking and presentation skills. In turn, this is also a chance for them to put up their best performance in front of leading firms’ representatives and talent leaders, hence improving their employability.


The ICMS Academy (IA), officially revamped under the 9th Council, is an initiative operating under the Operations Committee (OPCO). IA is an important platform for Associate development in ICMS, with the aim of delivering a series of workshops and masterclasses catered to our Associates’ areas of interests in collaboration with our strong Alumni network. Through these sessions, Associates are able to hone their soft skills and equip themselves with industry-specific knowledge based on their interests. 

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