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ICMS NA Pre-Departure Guru 2021

ICMS NA Pre-Departure Guru 2021 Poster
ICMS NA Pre-Departure Guru 2021 Buddy System Poster

Thinking of applying to the United States? Already enrolled in a US university but need help preparing? Wondering how it really is in the US? We got you!

Introducing Pre-Departure Guru, an initiative aimed to provide valuable insights and guidance to current Malaysian students in the US. Pre-Departure Guru will be divided into 2 days:

Day 1: Applying to the US

Sessions are catered to pre-university and post-SPM students who are planning or considering applying to the United States. Get to know the US education system and learn how to craft the best application.

Day 2: Flying to the US

Sessions are designed to help enrolled students prepare for life in the US. Join to receive personal trips and tricks from current students, while also getting the chance to make friends before you fly.

We will also be having a Buddy System, where participants are paired with a mentor based on their university, major, or interests. Each participant will be assigned a buddy (mentor) to assist them with their application or pre-departure process. With this, we aim to build connections between Malaysians who are currently in North America and incoming students.

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