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ICMS NA US Virtual Career Fair ViCAF 2019

ICMS US Virtual Career Fair ViCAF 2019 Poster

US VICAF is here again for the third time! FREE for all Malaysians throughout North America! In the past, 1 out of every 5 graduates was hired throughout ViCAF events. With more than 25 companies joining the ViCAF series all over the world, this time we are bringing you a better version, thanks to your feedback. This time we are bringing you updates that save your time, increase benefits to students (even those who are not looking for jobs) and give you more flexibility to get your job so that you can #FlyBackWithAJob.

US ViCAF is an event in collaboration with your regional and national student organizations National Assembly of Malaysian Students in America (NAMSA), International Council of Malaysian Scholars and Associates USA Chapter (ICMS US), East Coast Presidential Council (EPIC), Council of Malaysian Midwest Students (COMMS), and West Coast Council (WCC) and with collaborating partner TalentCorp, powered by Seeds Job Fair.

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