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ICMS MY x Maybank – ICMS: Decode Disrupt Define

ICMS MY x Maybank - ICMS: Decode Disrupt Define Poster

Through Maybank-ICMS 2018: Decode. Disrupt. Define, Maybank and ICMS hope to impart invaluable knowledge regarding the disruption in the banking industry that exists in our world today. Maybank provides a platform for participants to develop their careers in the banking industry by setting up a stage for them to do personality tests and has an exclusive career session with the senior management of Maybank.

This event also offers the opportunity to understand the nature and challenges of the banking industry better through mind-bending case simulation where they had the chance to decode, disrupt and define the future of banking. The case study revolves around how a Bank or a Fintech company could gain a competitive advantage over the other despite the various disruption happening in the banking industry. The groups then had to pitch to the Maybank Apprentices on why their group should have the licensing rights to operate – whether it be Bank or Fintech Company.

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