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ICMS MY x PwC Roundtable 2017: Taxploration

ICMS MY x PwC Roundtable: Taxploration Picture 1
ICMS MY x PwC Roundtable: Taxploration Picture 2
ICMS MY x PwC Roundtable: Taxploration Picture 3

ICMS Roundtable happened on the 9th of December, organised by the Junior Associates of the 8th Council. The day started off with an interesting icebreaker where participants were given a sticky note to write down three adjectives describing themselves on one side and asked a partner to put down an adjective on the other side after the delivery of an elevator pitch. Soon after, the Executive Director of HR at PwC Malaysia, Ms. Sherriza started by first defining what ‘personal branding’ is and what is expected of an effective elevator pitch. 6 participants were selected to apply the learnings where she commented that it is important to keep the pitch short, and concise and to include adjectives that articulate our personality. Next, Mr Kent, the Assistant Manager of HR and Ms Adeline also shared tips on submitting applications and preparing for interviews. Participants were active in asking questions to the recruiters. Following that, an interactive mock interview section was hosted by Ms Sherriza for participants to apply STAR techniques in competencies-based interview scenarios. Let’s Get Personal with PwC ended off with a photo-taking and lunch networking section. To end with, we would like to express our appreciation to the organizing committee and PwC Malaysia for the success.

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