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ICMS MY MSGA Summit: A Parallel Session

ICMS MY MSGA Summit: A Parallel Session Picture 1
ICMS MY MSGA Summit: A Parallel Session Picture 2

ICMS hosted a parallel session alongside the World Bank during the inaugural Malaysian Students’ Global Alliance (MSGA) Summit. The session aimed to promote Sustainable Economic Development. Dr. Young Eun Kim, the World Bank representative, spoke on quantifying the productivity of a nation: highlighting five different drivers of productivity including innovation, education, efficiency, infrastructure, and institutions. Malaysia is above average among global upper middle-income groups for median total factor productivity. Dr. Young called for all who strive for a more sustainable future to constantly evaluate their best possible version of society, and use any means available to achieve that vision. The adoption of such a mindset allows for fruitful and creative thinking regardless of sector or interest in a sustainable future – a future where economic prosperity and sustainability will be addressed from all angles.

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