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ICMS MY Maybank Career Cracker

ICMS MY Maybank Career Cracker Poster

Comprising personality tests, career workshops and stimulating case studies, the Maybank Career Cracker created a platform for students to discover career pathways that adhere to their individual personalities. Acknowledging the suitability of different personalities in different career roles, 74 participants who underwent personality tests prior to the event were sorted into 5 main personality types including the Banking Whiz, Affable artist, Legal Litigator, Tech Star and the Renaissance Man. The 5 groups were joined by Maybank Apprentices who helped analyse and discuss possible career paths for each personality type. Participants also gained opportunities to engage in conversations with top leaders of Maybank who provided valuable insights pertaining to topics such as Human Resources, Digital Banking, Risk, and Technology. The highlight of the event was a case study session comprising interactive simulations, where participants were challenged to manage crises, negotiate with different stakeholders and propose solutions to alleviate conflicts.

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